Contouring! (one of my favorite things)

If you buy a beautiful summer dress, when winter begins, do you just ditch it? Nope.  You add layers so that you can make it work during the winter seasons.  There is an equivalent regarding makeup products:  Over the summer, women will come into makeup stores to buy foundations that match their skin tones while they have their summer glow- and in just a few months, the foundation will be the wrong color.  So, what do you do with your summer foundation and winter foundation? Contour! It is easy, flatters the shape of your face, and best of all- it’s economical. (if you are a bit of a beauty product addict like me, and have products lying around that arent put to use)

Above, I added some helpful charts that show where to apply lighter foundation and darker foundation.  For an easy contour, apply the lighter foundation in the shape of a T on the forehead and down the center of the nose with a classic foundation brush (example: pro foundation brush number 47 by Sephora).  Then, apply a layer of light foundation on the center of the chin, as well as in a c shape starting at your temple all the way around to right above the apples of your cheeks.

With the darker foundation, apply in the shape of a “3” starting at the top of your forehead, lining the hollows of your cheeks and right underneath your neck.  To make the nose appear thinner, apply the deeper shade of foundation on the sides of the nose in parallel lines.  (This is a basic contour, there are many different ways to approach contouring the face and nose in order to get the shape that you prefer).  

Then, with a dense kabuki brush blend the colors together.  It will leave you with a more accentuated face shape!

As Emily Browning, Amber Heard, and Eva Mendes show, you can increase the contour with an illuminator to bring out the parts of the face you would like to draw attention to, and a matte bronzer to the areas you would like to hollow out. Gorgeous!